Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Blog Favorites

This evening I added my first link to another blog spot. Amazing how we are all linked by just one "click". This is all fine for those of us who are old enough to sensor information, which I'm thinking I am. Soooo...why does my 17yr. old son keep reminding me what can and cannot be shared with the public? Rules according to very informed teen: No personal pictures of children, house or personal belongings and no names of children. I think he listens to too much NPR and not enough annoying Rock music. Yes, I did create this cautious creature and proud of it!

I've had a pretty good day...rode scooter to the club to save on gas, worked out successfully without injuring too many body parts, had to kick start scooter due to engine flooding while getting shoe lace caught up kick start "thing" as members of club watched for amusement...very cool. I then had my teeth cleaned, night guard adjusted and so on..pretty good stuff.

I have now just realized that my first official art walk is in just over a week and I can't officially say that I am ready. I have vowed to focus and spend time each day up until May 10th doing what I actually love to do...Create!

I'm missing my youngest son who is off to camp for the week, worried I didn't pack enough warm and water wicking clothes for the crazy Seattle weather. I'm sure he will survive, but I worry anyways. What else is a mother to do?

Tomorrow is another day and I must rest so I can come up with more things to do that may embarrass myself or my teen. And yes, I will play with my art.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Art is now on the blog...WOW!

Well I just wrote a quaint little post and somehow, poof, it disappeared. Amazing how this happens when one does not save before moving on to the preview....So here we go again, but I can't guarantee it will be as good.

Yes, after 4hrs. of insanity I have successfully added some of my artwork to this blog...Yeah! I have yet to figure out how to be able to enlarge the photo but am rather certain that the ever so sweet husband will make that happen tomorrow night. I did change my layout because when I added the art, the layout just wasn't right.

I'm going to the Portland Art and Soul Retreat in Oct. and the theme is By the Sea......I love the Sea! Life should be a beach, the beach is the most wonderful place on earth. Waves crashing, seagulls overhead, sea glass which I love to collect and the tranquility of the waves and tide moving in and out. It's like the water just washes your soul with each break. The mist in the early morning and late evening is the best! More about the beach later.

Next up: Art to be posted on my website weepingwaxstudio.com as soon as I write the text, descriptions etc....should be doable.

Must go to sleep, way too late since my youngest son if off to camp for the week early in the am. Say a little prayer that I packed and labeled all appropriate paraphernalia. that I don't cry when he gets on a bus and leaves me behind and mostly that I actually get up in time to get him there with all the random stuff in tow.

Wishing you a bit of solitude this week.... Lory

Friday, April 25, 2008

Life is precious

Okay, still no photos but I'm hoping that will happen this weekend. I am also needing to get my homepage made and posted for the Tacoma Relay for Life event, which is at the end of May. This will be my 2nd relay and unfortunately, this time I'm walking in memory of my father Herb and my friend Chuck who both passed away in of cancer in the last 6months. On the positive side, I am also walking in honor of my mother who has so far survived a year now since being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. So I guess that I should post my site and get out my letters. Last year I raised $1,800 for cancer research and I had a great time at the relay and hotel with 2 of my sisters and my niece. Girl time is a very good thing when you live in a house of all guys. .. Have a Great Friday! Lory

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My very first posting...Yeah!

This is my very first blog ever! I'm really not sure how I want this to play out, but I guess I just want to share my love of art with others, try something new, and stay in contact with other like minded artists who just love to create. My New Years resolution was to get my act together and really make an attempt to get my art out there....wherever there is. I have shown my art at a few local eateries and actually sold several pieces. I am showing my work at the Burien Art Walk on May 10th and am signed up to attend the Art and Soul Retreat in Portland OR in October. I've been getting my very own website, weepingwaxstudio.com up and running with a great deal of help from my husband the Web Guy and now I have a "Blog" WOW! This should be enough for the first day. I'm pretty satisfied with it and now I just need to get some art photos on this space. This should be doable. Peace, Lory