Thursday, October 30, 2008

Art for the Normandy Park Cove Show

Yes, I have been off the Blog scene lately, but I have been very busy....Below are a few of my new pieces that I have been working on for the Normandy Park Cove Show. It is this weekend and I am both excited and nervous....Art is done, ready to hang and has even been photographed..Which is why I can share these with you. Tomorrow I will help set up the grids, lights and tables. Then the fun me- if you want more info on the show. Back soon, Lory

Berries and Flower babies

These babies make me want a girl...I guess this is why have nieces. Although, I think they could look cute almost anywhere accept my teenage son's rooms.

Inner Critic

When I went to the Art and Soul Retreat in Portland, I purchased a grab bag of ceramic faces. I totally love them, even when they are broken.

The Sea

I got these cool old lead weights at an awesome garage sale in West Seattle.

Dream Doll

This piece has been under construction for about 8 months now....I finally just kept adding to it and this is what I ended up with...Like floating in space.


This piece is made with some old ham radio emphemera. My grandfather was an operator in the 1930's.