Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Too much facebook

I have just upgraded myself into the next level of technology. I have a facebook. I am so amazed how many adults have these, since I now have 22 friends..It's amazing. What I find is fun is that it is also like IM. I actually chat with people that I rarely see. I'm sure it is just the newness of it...but I'm spending way too much time on it. As for art, I have had 2 of my pieces in the Artist's United annual juried show. My first time in a "Art Gallery" setting. I am signing up for a class at Pratt Art Institute which is Metal and Cloth. It uses encaustics too, so I am very excited. My husband and I visited Pratt in November for the open house and it was so amazing. the studio space was so big and I can't wait to work in it.

As for life, I have had the crud, my mom started chemo again for her ovarian cancer and I'm having my neck fused next Wed. What fun it is. I figure all will be well by Spring. I will be a new woman in April when we head to Italy. Thinking I may just stay there forever. I've never been, but I know I will love it, the food, the language and all the history.

We have sun and blue skies here in Seattle today and I love it. After the crazy snow and rain, it is nice to have sun. I am now off to see if I can make a dent in my messy studio.

Peace, Lory

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My art Undressed

Okay, not really, but I just got a email from Danita Jolly, who is a realtor for here in Burien. She has a blog called Burien Undressed. She has been very kind and posted 3 of my most recent pieces of art on her site...It is so cool to see your stuff somewhere else.....I enjoy the whole networking thing because it can benefit so many. I love her blog because she takes great photos out and about in Burien and beyond and tells bits of history about he town while promoting it as well. We do have a great little area that we live in. Lots of folks who love to blog too. Check out her blog if you get a chance. Lory

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Art for the Normandy Park Cove Show

Yes, I have been off the Blog scene lately, but I have been very busy....Below are a few of my new pieces that I have been working on for the Normandy Park Cove Show. It is this weekend and I am both excited and nervous....Art is done, ready to hang and has even been photographed..Which is why I can share these with you. Tomorrow I will help set up the grids, lights and tables. Then the fun me- if you want more info on the show. Back soon, Lory

Berries and Flower babies

These babies make me want a girl...I guess this is why have nieces. Although, I think they could look cute almost anywhere accept my teenage son's rooms.

Inner Critic

When I went to the Art and Soul Retreat in Portland, I purchased a grab bag of ceramic faces. I totally love them, even when they are broken.

The Sea

I got these cool old lead weights at an awesome garage sale in West Seattle.

Dream Doll

This piece has been under construction for about 8 months now....I finally just kept adding to it and this is what I ended up with...Like floating in space.