Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Too much facebook

I have just upgraded myself into the next level of technology. I have a facebook. I am so amazed how many adults have these, since I now have 22 friends..It's amazing. What I find is fun is that it is also like IM. I actually chat with people that I rarely see. I'm sure it is just the newness of it...but I'm spending way too much time on it. As for art, I have had 2 of my pieces in the Artist's United annual juried show. My first time in a "Art Gallery" setting. I am signing up for a class at Pratt Art Institute which is Metal and Cloth. It uses encaustics too, so I am very excited. My husband and I visited Pratt in November for the open house and it was so amazing. the studio space was so big and I can't wait to work in it.

As for life, I have had the crud, my mom started chemo again for her ovarian cancer and I'm having my neck fused next Wed. What fun it is. I figure all will be well by Spring. I will be a new woman in April when we head to Italy. Thinking I may just stay there forever. I've never been, but I know I will love it, the food, the language and all the history.

We have sun and blue skies here in Seattle today and I love it. After the crazy snow and rain, it is nice to have sun. I am now off to see if I can make a dent in my messy studio.

Peace, Lory

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