Monday, August 18, 2008

On vacation

Just a quick note because I only have a few min. left on this library computer. I am on vacation without Internet service, so library it is...I will be back on 23rd. But I did want to thank Stacy Freeman for the "I love your blog site award"...Yeah! check out my favorites under An artful life for Stacy's work. The award is so sweet and appreciated. Peace, Lory

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Grand Wedding...

No, it would not be my wedding...because I still have that same strapping young man from almost 22yrs ago and do plan on sticking with him. But I did want to share that my art is being featured on a new website called "A Grand Wedding". The owner of the company contacted me and we had a phone interview....It was kind of fun and hopefully will bring some traffic to my website. I would love for you to check out the interview and the site. The direct link to the article is

Besides this excitement, life is crazy as usual. In Oct. I am planning on spending a week at the Portland Art and Soul Retreat with a few friends, very exciting and we are all starting to anticipate the fun we will have playing with "organic" art as one friend mentioned. So, through this retreat I signed up to produce one 4x4 double sided art page with the theme "Romancing the Sea"...sounds pretty easy I think to myself, besides then I will get an entire "fatbook" with 60 pages of all the artists that contribute....Very Cool! The only small problem is that I am now in a time crunch to finish my page, get 60 good quality copies of this page on heavy card stock and then embellish all 60 pages...Holy Cow! what was I thinking. I know I will get it done, always do, but will likely be crazy for a few days. I have until Aug. 23rd to have them shipped off, should be fine. So keep me in your prayers that I get a huge creative surge soon and finish up that page.

Baby News! Again, not mine....My niece and her husband are the proud new owner of a 7lb. 1oz. baby boy named Noah....born 08-01-08. Fabulous year, and he is an amazing little thing. I was very blessed and was present at his birth...Wow! I can't believe I did that twice. She did an incredible job and she, baby and dad are doing great. 17hrs. is a very long time even for those who are not giving birth.

Well, the sun is out and maybe to stay for a bit, so I must go get something done....likely won't be heating up the 200 degree wax today, but must do something creative.

Have a great day...Lory