Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Grand Wedding...

No, it would not be my wedding...because I still have that same strapping young man from almost 22yrs ago and do plan on sticking with him. But I did want to share that my art is being featured on a new website called "A Grand Wedding". The owner of the company contacted me and we had a phone interview....It was kind of fun and hopefully will bring some traffic to my website. I would love for you to check out the interview and the site. The direct link to the article is http://www.agrandwedding.com/FeaturedArticle/Default.aspx?a=10

Besides this excitement, life is crazy as usual. In Oct. I am planning on spending a week at the Portland Art and Soul Retreat with a few friends, very exciting and we are all starting to anticipate the fun we will have playing with "organic" art as one friend mentioned. So, through this retreat I signed up to produce one 4x4 double sided art page with the theme "Romancing the Sea"...sounds pretty easy I think to myself, besides then I will get an entire "fatbook" with 60 pages of all the artists that contribute....Very Cool! The only small problem is that I am now in a time crunch to finish my page, get 60 good quality copies of this page on heavy card stock and then embellish all 60 pages...Holy Cow! what was I thinking. I know I will get it done, always do, but will likely be crazy for a few days. I have until Aug. 23rd to have them shipped off, should be fine. So keep me in your prayers that I get a huge creative surge soon and finish up that page.

Baby News! Again, not mine....My niece and her husband are the proud new owner of a 7lb. 1oz. baby boy named Noah....born 08-01-08. Fabulous year, and he is an amazing little thing. I was very blessed and was present at his birth...Wow! I can't believe I did that twice. She did an incredible job and she, baby and dad are doing great. 17hrs. is a very long time even for those who are not giving birth.

Well, the sun is out and maybe to stay for a bit, so I must go get something done....likely won't be heating up the 200 degree wax today, but must do something creative.

Have a great day...Lory

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Blaiz said...

Lory, I'm going to Portland in October, too. I hope we get a chance to meet.

I didn't join the fat books swap this year because I'm in a charm swap which we do in person at A&S.