Saturday, July 12, 2008

Best Birthday weather ever!

Today is my Birthday, won't say how old I am, but just that the body is starting to have these odd occurances of pain. Not quiet sure what that is about. My husband suprised me with 2 kayaks this morning on our front lawn. Funny how he gets a gift too, just so I have a friend to tool around the puget sound with. We took pictures that are here on the site, WoW! what a great day! The only casualty was my camera case which fell in the water and then got lost amongst the boats, logs on the beach or who really knows where....since I lost my keys for 5 days last week, this doesn't suprise me.

The art front has been a little slow due to my attempts to relocate my studio to another part of the house with more ventilation. This seems to be a slow process. Summer is crazy busy anyways, much less when it is 80 degrees out, who wants to fire up 200 degree wax?

My niece is so very close to delivering her first baby....A Boy! and I am going to be lucky enough to be there at the birth and experience this incredible gift. She is so totally ready, but I guess the baby really is not. Would have been nice if he decided to come today so we could share a birthday, but a birth month is good enough, since I'm the only July/Cancer in the family. Can't wait to get the call, yet the long hours of labor seem to take forever even when you aren't the one giving birth. This I know since my great niece was born just 3 months ago and I was there for that birth too. By the time the baby came out we were pretty rummy. 3AM is a crazy time to deliver a baby.

More to come on Boy Baby Birth!

Hope you have a spectacular week wherever you are, enjoy each nice day we get.

Peace, Lory

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