Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Elements to Blog

Today I updated this blog...Added an amazing thing called a Badge off Flickr. Yes, I am shocked that I was able to do such a thing. Well, 17yr. old son helped a very small amount. So, if you click on a photo on my badge, can be enlarged and there are even captions. Now that is a beautiful thing for me. Also added a few new detailed photos of my art and even some new sites to my blog roll.

The Grand Wedding site should be up and running next week..Keep fingers crossed please. I am working on a 2nd custom wedding art which will have some photo transfers of the bride and groom. I'm pretty excited for the site to go live with my interview as "wedding vendor of the week" so keep checking The last time I checked through Yahoo, even though the site was not up and running yet, my blog came up as #3 because I wrote about the new site. So, right there was a perfect example to me of how this blog site expands beyond my little world.

Last weekend I went to the cabin with youngest son and his good friend. The weather was lovely, took some photos, which are on my flickr and I very much enjoyed my solitude as I kayaked along the shore of Vashon Island. Did I mention that I love the Sea???
The sun is out, sky is pretty clear and this truly makes me happy.


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