Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back on the Board...

I just realized that it has been a bit over a month since I have written in this blog....I just knew that this might be one of my greatest challenges....keeping up with the writing. My creative side says Yes! write, play art all day, peruse the art stores for new ideas, buy brushes and fun pigment colors...But, my unorganized, mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend etc......(yes, many hats to wear) Well, this side tells me otherwise. It seems that the end of the school year, and the many mini crisis life have taken over. There are books to buy for next year, tutoring to set up, receptions that need to be organized for those of us who are crazy enough to be room parent....Wholly Cow, where does my day go?

Well, it is now officially summer break and I have a plan, maybe not the most organized plan, but a plan at that. I have purchased a very large chalk board from Pottery Barn...It is lovely and with its stainless steel rim so it will look smashing in my kitchen once it finds it new home on the door which leads to the garage. The door we go in and out about 100 times a day. The door where we will look at the lovely chalk board and say "oh my, I have some tasks to do", "do I have everything I need to survive this daily outing?" the to do list for car which usually gets lost, dry cleaning, snacks, swim team & play practice for youngest son, purse, cell phone and possibly my mind too...I like to take it along for the ride most of the time. This lovely chalk board will not only tell us what we need to bring, but the best part is that it will tell us what we need to do before we embark on the big town of Burien. I am certain that whatever I write on this board will get done. Yes, the daily reading, lizard feeding, bedroom cleaning, teeth brushing and dog poop scooping. I'm sure I have forgotten something, but once it gets on the board, it will get done...Right? Well this is the grandiose idea that I have floating around in my head....So today is a new day even if it is only 4:30AM...I have high hopes for new levels of organization for the

Back to that art thing....I actually have been doing some behind the scene work on that too. In the next few weeks I will have a feature story about my Hand-picked "Wedding Vendors of the Week" custom art for weddings on the new website "A Grand Wedding" agrandwedding.com . I will be one of the Hand-picked "Wedding Vendors of the Week". The service I will provide will be custom mixed media encaustic collages. The size will vary from 8x8 up to as large as 16x20 and will have the opportunity for the bride, groom, in laws, bridal party or just friends to capture that special day in art. Somewhat of a time capsule right on their wall. These paintings will include photos, mementos from the wedding, hand made papers, wedding announcements, paper clippings etc....which will all be sealed in time with the encaustic wax. My website has a sample under custom creations. This particular piece is a wedding invitation that created into art for my niece Kaela and her husband Jon last August. They have it hanging in their family room so they can be reminded often what it is all about...

Your task I am leaving you with (imagine it is on the lovely chalk board) check out agrandwedding.com and weepingwaxstudio.com for more information about the custom wedding gifts.

Have a great week and pray I don't run out of chalk,

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