Thursday, May 15, 2008

Art stroll update

I was told yesterday that I do need to spend more time keeping this blog site current and I am obviously a little late on my blog entry since it has been about a week...So I am now back on the wagon of blogging and will do my best to stay more current.

The Art Stroll was a great experience. Sold 9 pieces of art....Yeah! and from what I heard from the lovely fellow artists up and down the block...that is a good thing. I think having a reasonable price point in this economy is the way to go. I may only support my addiction to buying fun supplies at this point, but that is okay. The weather wasn't the very best, but there was a good turn out despite the weather. Seattle weather has not been on it's best behavior and I believe we all would appreciate being reacquainted with Mr. Sunshine.

Our little town of Burien, or B-Town as it has been more recently referred to is really shaping up. Being a life long Burienite, this is refreshing to see and get to experience. We are getting a new town square in about a year, and it should be quite nice. Now we just need a turnaround on the gas and money deal that we all seem to have going on. I have just added a new site to my blogroll and it is called Burien Undressed, so check it out. Local Realtor Danita Jolly is doing a great job keeping up her Blog and the info is great even for the locals. She spends time on local hot spots, retail, and real estate...Undressing Burien is actually pretty cool. Great photos of our little town, good foodie options and shopping ideas. Yes, the coffee really is that good at the 909 Cafe as I was reminded this morning. So I'm striving to also be a better photographer and now carrying my camera with me at all times.

My next excitement/challenge is entering the Burien Bird House competition. Entries due by June 1st, Yikes! and I will see how well the encaustic wax can meld with the other materials I choose for my birdhouse. This one will be an indoor house so it doesn't melt in the mass amount of how weather we will be getting this summer...(yes, very optimistic about this one)

Until next time....Lory

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