Friday, May 9, 2008

Fire anyone???

Yesterday was the deadline to get all of my art done, signed, and backs prepared....Shouldn't be such a big deal one would think since I had most of the day. I started off by adding wax to the sides of 4 of my larger pieces. After the wax was dry I slapped on a layer of shellac, yes I'm on my way and time to light it on fire to burn off some off some of the shellac and get that aged look I love so much. Let's just say that fire and I really shouldn't be in the same room especially alone. I torched the first and largest piece and as it flamed away I came to a startling discovery...I had left the can of open shellac, paint brush and all on the counter a bit too close. Holy Cow! I am now having a barrel fire right there in my work space. Apparently fire can jump when another source of petroleum is near by, who knew? Well, water is not the thing to put out fire and yes, I have seen all the fire safety videos, been on the fire station field trips and even been to safety kids day at the station. When under duress, all that goes out the door. Needless to say, I did put out the fire in the can, my sink and the trash can near by...Whew! Now fully wiped out and only being 9am, things needed to look up. Yes, I do need a fire extinguisher in my work space.

Well, all went well the rest of the day. I was able to finish in time, get all the art and set up supplies up to the Art Stroll location on time. The staging went well, Roxanne was awesome in the help department, all is good.

Today, the sun is out....Bonus vitamin D! It's Grandparents Day at school and my son is not only reading at Mass, but also playing the "Big" drum in the show but also doing a square dance demo too....Wow, those grandparents are in for a thrill.

Have a great weekend and Mother's Day,

Peace, Lory

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jdjolly said...

Lory, This is really great! I love all the colors on your site and the display of your art. I really want to be able to see them BIGGER. When will you be displaying them again? Have you thought about the Farmer's Market? Just curious. I know life is busy. I would really like to admire your work somewhere local. Thank you for sharing your work, it's really fantastic!

Danita Jolly