Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Website is now up and running

Well, now that I have changed the color combo on my blog site about 10 times...I think I may like it now. Website News: It is up and running, links to my blog and the blog links back....very give and take the way that works, just lovely.

So, the Art Stoll is only 4 days away and I still have several projects underway. I mailed out the email reminder with all the info on it and links to all sites. The goal today was to finish 3 in full...this may not totally happen because life just gets in the way. Dog needed a bath, my mom needed a lunch date, getting a massage at 6pm (no worries, it is not a pampering kind of massage) this one will hurt and my body will be twisted into shapes that only a a gummy worm should go, but it must be done. Too many hours over the hot wax and way too hard of a work on at the club on Sat. Yes, I did say Sat. and yes, I am still in pain, but going back tomorrow in the AM.

Yesterday I played with adding some fun vintage beads to my work with wire and it is amazing how pleasing just one change can make. Very fun. Hope to show you a picture soon of my cool beads.

Thursday is really the big deadline for getting it all done since the display goes up that evening. Thank God that my dear Roxanne will be helping with the display set up. This is where I tend to go over the edge and think maybe I have a slight bit of a O.C.D...but with her there, none of that nonsense will be happening, no sir...serious business , chop chop, very nice looking display then....next door to the Tin Room for two very parched girls....The best is always yet to come.

OK, time to sign off and get something done before heading off to the torture chamber, oops, I mean the relaxing massage place.

Until we meet again, or whenever I make some time to write.

Hope to see you all Saturday at the Burien Art Stroll...Lory

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