Tuesday, April 29, 2008

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This evening I added my first link to another blog spot. Amazing how we are all linked by just one "click". This is all fine for those of us who are old enough to sensor information, which I'm thinking I am. Soooo...why does my 17yr. old son keep reminding me what can and cannot be shared with the public? Rules according to very informed teen: No personal pictures of children, house or personal belongings and no names of children. I think he listens to too much NPR and not enough annoying Rock music. Yes, I did create this cautious creature and proud of it!

I've had a pretty good day...rode scooter to the club to save on gas, worked out successfully without injuring too many body parts, had to kick start scooter due to engine flooding while getting shoe lace caught up kick start "thing" as members of club watched for amusement...very cool. I then had my teeth cleaned, night guard adjusted and so on..pretty good stuff.

I have now just realized that my first official art walk is in just over a week and I can't officially say that I am ready. I have vowed to focus and spend time each day up until May 10th doing what I actually love to do...Create!

I'm missing my youngest son who is off to camp for the week, worried I didn't pack enough warm and water wicking clothes for the crazy Seattle weather. I'm sure he will survive, but I worry anyways. What else is a mother to do?

Tomorrow is another day and I must rest so I can come up with more things to do that may embarrass myself or my teen. And yes, I will play with my art.

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