Monday, April 28, 2008

Art is now on the blog...WOW!

Well I just wrote a quaint little post and somehow, poof, it disappeared. Amazing how this happens when one does not save before moving on to the preview....So here we go again, but I can't guarantee it will be as good.

Yes, after 4hrs. of insanity I have successfully added some of my artwork to this blog...Yeah! I have yet to figure out how to be able to enlarge the photo but am rather certain that the ever so sweet husband will make that happen tomorrow night. I did change my layout because when I added the art, the layout just wasn't right.

I'm going to the Portland Art and Soul Retreat in Oct. and the theme is By the Sea......I love the Sea! Life should be a beach, the beach is the most wonderful place on earth. Waves crashing, seagulls overhead, sea glass which I love to collect and the tranquility of the waves and tide moving in and out. It's like the water just washes your soul with each break. The mist in the early morning and late evening is the best! More about the beach later.

Next up: Art to be posted on my website as soon as I write the text, descriptions etc....should be doable.

Must go to sleep, way too late since my youngest son if off to camp for the week early in the am. Say a little prayer that I packed and labeled all appropriate paraphernalia. that I don't cry when he gets on a bus and leaves me behind and mostly that I actually get up in time to get him there with all the random stuff in tow.

Wishing you a bit of solitude this week.... Lory

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