Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Yes, back from vacation, school started, work started, my studio is a disaster and I have artwork due. Help! Summer was great fun, questionable weather towards the end and now the sun is out and I love the warm fall days.

As far at Art goes...I finished my "fatbook" page, made 60+ good copies of the same page and then embellished all 60 pages. The Theme is Romancing the Sea, so I did just that. The first side of my double sided 4x4" page is a encaustic collage of my grandparents in 1919 when they were falling in love and Matilde followed Cyrus from Belgium to the Great NW to marry and raise a family. Photo of him, her and the ship she rode in on...The back side is my parents Herb and Esther in 1945 when the fell in love and married in Seattle. They went off to San Diego for several months where my father was stationed and worked on a ship called the Porterhouse. Photos of my parents(mom is now a mermaid) and my dad is popping his head out of a porthole which has the name "Lory's Lines" on the rim....I do love it, but will never again chose do do bead work as my embellishment on 60 pages. I really am not good at that much detail and given the fact that I am in need of reading glasses over the contacts, it was not such a good choice...Learn from our past I guess.

Today is clean the art studio "again" and get ready to focus. I only have a few weeks left before I am out of town for 5 nights in Portland for the Art and Soul Retreat. I am going with 3 friends and we had a meeting last week to imagine how much fun we will have being creative at the hands of others...I love that someone else is going to give me the inspiration then my lovely little muse will hopefully take over. My classes are: Vintage Metal Treasure Decks, Transfers and Transparencies, Gocco a Gogo, So you want to sell your art and Funky Found-Object Canvas Village . Can't wait!! Art, friends and cocktail hour, what more could you want.

More later, I'm off to organize. Lory


m i c h e l l e said...

Hi Lory...can't wait to see your fatbook pages! I'm looking forward to catching up with you! Are you available Friday night??? I still haven't sat down and figured out my schedule but I do know this for friend is taking a class Friday night and I'm not so the plan is to stick around the hotel to wait for her and try to find someone who will let me hang out with them!

m i c h e l l e said...

This is at Art and Soul (what a ding dong!) :-)